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    Ok, so I just got a 2.5 MONO headjack for my treo. I plugged it in, put my normal headphones into the other end and went and opened up pocket tunes. I played a song and the sound came throug hthe speakers in the treo and not my headphones. How do I get the sound to come through my headphones?!@?!?!
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    make sure it's plugged in all the way - push hard. the Treo generally only pushes sound to the headphones when it detects _stereo_ and not mono - that might be the issue.
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    Ok, I was reading and I guess I need a 3 ring MONO 2.5mm jack. SO where can I get this? And what else will work? And eric, it has t obe MONO doesnt it?
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    Do you need a stereo headset to use with your Treo 600? This can also be used as a handsfree kit.
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    Mine is stereo - I use the adapter that is sold here in the TreoCentral store and it works great.
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    i got a 2.5 to 3.5 right-angle stereo adapter from Palm and it worked out fine. Also just picked up some 2-in-1 handsfree/stereo headsets with the built in 2.5 jack - works nicely.
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    Ok guys. I went to bell in Lethbridge and I got a stereo 2.5. And it weorks so thanks u guys.
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