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    I have a Treo 600 bought and used on T-Mobile. This is my corporate Sim card. The company just switched carriers to Cingular. The Cingular SIM does not work in the new phone. Suggestions?(Short of buying a new phone) Thanks!
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    well... you could always flash the phone with cingulars version of the OS
    it might take some work and time but that would do the trick
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    just get it unlocked. You should be able to find out how online. Do some searching.
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    There's a free unlock available at,26676.0.html

    It's a tad complicated, but not too bad. I've done it twice, with no complications.
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    From what Cingular told me, you'll have to buy a new Treo to work with their network. I had ATT and wanted the Cingular plan prices and they told me the only way i could get that is to buy a 2 yr contract and would have to buy a new phone. That's why i switched to TMo!
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