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    My Treo Brothers/Sisters: I have done a search and cannot for the life of me find and solution to this problem:

    I removed the bluetooth usb adapter and want to use the cable but when I try to HotSyn it says that the driver cannot be found. I know the driver is there because it syncs just fine with the bluetooth devise. So what am I not doing. Even when I try to reinstall the driver I only find the palmusbd.inf and not the palmusb.sys file. Palm One says to use palmusb.sys but I can't find that driver.

    Pleae help!!! The answer is likely very simple but I have tried for hours to figure it out and have not been successful.

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    I suppose you have checked that the "Local USB" is ticked out (choosen) by right clicking the HotSync icon in your status bar?

    Both "Local" and "Local USB" should be choosen with your configuration.
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