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    First off, I've read every thread i could find on this and *most* of the KMaps thread (in my defense it is huge) but I'm trying to find a way to move the Java files to the SD card when not in use. I tried in Zlauncher, umm big no there are protected DB's. When I edit them with Filez and take away the protectDB status and save it resets the phone and they are set right back to protected DB status again. The Midlet for Opera is no problem to move over but I'd like to move the whole Java package. I'm sure SOMEONE has figured something out this is a smart group of people on this board.

    The other thing I wanted to post which I NEVER saw a reference to in the search was the install problems. Many people including myself had trouble instaling the java files, no matter how hard I tried they would not appear as a run-able program on my treo if I hotsync'd them. BUT if you transfer via SD writer of email them to yourself they seem to work no problem. Just want to put that out there incase someone else is having the same problem.

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    I copied/moved the "j9 database", "j9 java vm", "j9 midp bundle" and all the J9MRS files to the card after I moved Kmaps with Zlauncher and that works for me.
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    I'm confused.. You copied those files to /palm/launcher, or you copied them into the KMaps directory?

    I personally liked KMaps but hated the space and clutter of 900 j9 files in ram, so I wiped it all out today.
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    yeah how did you copy them? I've tried both with Zlauncher and with Filez and both say no...

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    Think I figured this whole thing out and posted here:


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