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    I just bought the tomtom 5 with maps and all. I installed the app, then tried to install some maps. It took a while, of course since I didn't have a card reader on me.

    After a while, I looked up and everthing was frozen; couldn't do anything, so I aborted and shut down. then I soft reset my treo. Upon resetting, a message box appeared "Handheld error; the startup application for this card cannot be run."

    So I went everywhere and deleted all things tomtom on phone and card; my treo was responding sluggishly and nothing would work, so I hard reset (time for spring cleaning anyway!)

    So after the hard reset, I hotsync'ed and this was the hotsync log error:

    Unable to create handheld database. SyncCreateDB returned 4019.
    HotSync Exchange synchronization failed

    Protocol Error: The requested command is not supported (4019).

    Oh, and the original error message after soft reset ("Handheld error; the startup application for this card cannot be run.") is still appearing.

    Well, any idea what I have done and how do I fix it?????????

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    remove the SD card and the startup yadda yadda message will go away.

    Put it in a card reader and delete "start.prc" from the /palm/launcher folder.

    start.prc gets run automagically when the card is inserted (which is how TomTom gets started when you slap in the card).

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