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    I found this out only a day after ordering a "650/700" compatbile PalmOne charger from a treo store...I did a search and did not find this anywhere on the boards, apologies if it was already mentioned. This is a big little issue in that everyone is selling 650 car chargers as being 700 compatible when many are not (technically they are since the connector is the same, but the high pitched noise is unbearable - I can confirm it from plugging in the older PalmOne 650 car charger, it was bad). I pasted in the info below from Palm's 700w support site - they did not exactly highlight the info on the page, I just happened to spot it at the bottom! Of course I am returning the one I got and have already ordered the one Palm is offering at a discount to address this issue...

    Just the price you pay I guess for being one of the first to own the phone!

    PASTED INFO FROM TREO 700W Support Site

    Treo 700w smartphone emits noise when connected to an older vehicle power charger

    If you use a Verizon Wireless Treo 700w smartphone with some versions of Palm's Vehicle Power Charger, you may hear a low volume, high pitched noise from your smartphone. The noise can occur with non-Verizon chargers released before the Treo 700w smartphone, such as an older palmOne-branded charger with the multi-connector sold as an accessory for the Palm TX, Tungsten E2 or T5, LifeDrive or Treo 650 devices.

    The conditions causing the noise will not harm your smartphone, the vehicle power charger, or your vehicle. Your smartphone will continue to charge properly despite the sound.
    Replacing your Treo 700w smartphone will not solve the noise issue. Instead, you'll need to purchase a compatible Vehicle Power Charger (see below).

    What to do

    Although the noise is harmless, it can be irritating. You may wish to:

    Click on to purchase a compatible version of the charger. For a limited time, Palm is providing Treo 700w smartphone owners a special offer at 50% off for Palm's compatible Vehicle Power Charger.
    Visit a Verizon Wireless retail store to purchase the Verizon-branded Vehicle Power Charger for Treo 700w smartphones. This version of the charger is compatible and will not cause the noise. The special 50% offer is not available for Verizon-branded chargers.
    Use a headset, or unplug from the Vehicle Power Charger during phone conversations when you don't use a headset.

    Which chargers are compatible?

    Verizon-Wireless branded charger for the Treo 700w smartphone
    Palm-branded Vehicle Power Charger that specifically mentions Treo 700w compatibility
    Note: If your charger says palmOne on its label, it is not compatible. This includes the Palm Essentials Kit for Treo 650, and the Vehicle Power Charger for Palm TX, Tungsten E2 or T5, LifeDrive or Treo 650 devices. Unless the product information specifically lists compatibility with the Treo 700w smartphone, we recommend you steer clear.
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    Thanks for brining this up. We have created a new SKU for the Treo 700w car charger, although we do not have them in stock yet. This issue only affects car chargers, not wall chargers. Also, our Sync & Charge car charger did not seem to have any buzzing.
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    The car charger that Seidio offers works for both Treo 650 and Treo 700W. It does not "Buzzing" at all.

    David Chang

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