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    My speaker phone (treo 650) sounds like Jimi Hendrix playing the national anthem at Woodstock....well may be I am exaggerating, but no matter what volume my phone is at there is some type of distortion while utilizing the speaker phone.

    I am still in a trial period with the there an easy fix or should I return the phone for a new one?
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    Try VolumeCare....otherwise realize that the Treo's speakerphone never was very great to begin with. My old Nokia had a much better one. If you want a cell phone with a great speakerphone, you might want to look for something else. If on the other hand you want a fantastic convergence device that can do much, much more than a cell phone you might have to live with the poor speakerphone.
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    Thanks - I am a big fan of the treo over all, I am a big fan of speaker phone - I am also not a big fan of holding a cell phone next to my head - i guess it was the whole, don't sit too close to the TV it'll fry your brain up bringing. Looks like i will be investing in a head set.

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