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    Still resets, several times using the browser.

    The phone is virgin, except for the newest volume care.

    My old contacts were Beamed via IR, from my Samsung I500 on sprints network. Now using cingular.

    Before I installed volume care, it did freeze sending a text message. I installed volumecare pro, then started using the Blazer browser heavily. Today I had the phone reset 7 times within an hour.

    I understand the newest update (software) still isn't released, and the chinese version is the leaked one. I'm not super tech savvy with all the ROM/Raw, etc.... would there be a idiots guide, especially since the thread is extremely long, with many confusing experiences, step-by-step, and custom roms.

    I plan to use the phone mainly for e-mail, some sort of AIM (verichat is what i used on my I500), Movies (already have MM player), Bluetooth headset (oakley razr wire), and web browsing.

    I miss the scribble pad that my Samsung I500 had. I know there are 3rd party programs that will allow us to write on the screen to transform it into "graffiti", anyone know what it is on the top of their head?.

    I guess my next step would be to clean out the unit from un-used programs. Im still re-learning this palm experience. I know for a fact real player has to go...XpressMail?, "get good", etc..any reccomendations what to remove?

    I've got a long way to catch up, since Im a late commer to the phone. Sorry for all the n00b questions. Theres just so many pages to review, and so little time.

    Also, should I have watied for the 700 through cingular....hmm.
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    Are you using the new SIM tray with the rib?

    If your phone is virgin (+Volumecare), the rest of the un-used applications are built into the ROM and cannot be removed.

    Do a hard reset (after a Hotsync to save your calendar, contacts etc.) and use the phone as is. If it still freezes, get it exchanged.
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    hmm. "virgin" ... as in "haven't experience any sd card insertion"??? curious mind enquiring.
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    hahahah, its got the updated sim tray. Its got the insertion....and it was pulled out...and it was re-inserted.
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    sim tray ... now, that's the "back alley". i considered that another kind of "virgin". bwahahaha.
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