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    I've been getting this mesage dialogue box off and on the past few hours when I send an e-mail from Chatter:

    "Chatter Email Error. Sending error: 451 4.3.0 Mail server temporarily rejected message 15sm548167wrl

    Your message has been saved in Drafts."

    I've been using for my IMAP conduit. Is Fastmail the culprit here? Or is there someting else at play?
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    BTW, my Gmail on the desktop computer, those previous messages I had sent (when I had received the chatter error) are found in GMail's sent items folder. Really odd.

    Just to be sure, I also sent a test e-mail from Chatter to my Yahoo e-mail account. My Yahoo account did not receive my test message. WTF?
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    I've never seen that message (at least, I don't remember it). Are you sending via fastmail?

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    The problem seems to have resolved itself (knock on wood). I'm guessing it had something to do with a combination of FastMail and Sprint's loss of coverage in the San Francisco Bay Area as reported in another thread, "CDMA-US."


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