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    Hi there.

    I just bought a $10 USB plug that attaches to my 512mb SD card. I dragged a bunch of stuff to the card, created new folders like, Music, Pictures, Video, Programs etc., with sub-menus. Great.

    I then plugged it into my Treo 650, and Real Player doesn't see the music. The "Pictures and Videos" and "Splash Photo" doesn't see the photos/videos.

    At first it didn't see my programs, but when I moved my prc's and pbd's to the "Launcher" Folder, the Treo 650 saw them and allowed me to use them.

    Please help out.

    Gotta Powerbook 17" Mac, Gig RAM, 1.3 Processor, but don't think any of that matters.
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    Music needs to go into \audio or \rn_audio. (RealPlayer)
    Pictures &Videos \DCIM (Media, not sure for Splash)
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    I'll give that a try. Can I drag the folders to those things or do I have to ditch the folder idea?
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    I needed to drag the video and photo files onto DCIM, and CREATE an "audio" folder and put it into the DCIM.

    Photos got corrupted, though. Couldn't open them up on my computer anymore, and the bottom of many of them now have gray or red lines on the bottom, taking up as much at 20% of the screen
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    As James stated, there are default folders on the card where the builtin apps on the Treo look for files:

    /Audio - music files, Ptunes, Realplayer etc
    /rn_audio - real player
    /DCIM - Default media app plus almost all viewers like Resco Splash etc
    /Palm/Launcher - default dir for app installed to card via hotsync tool
    /Documents - DTG default dir for native file types
    /Palm/Blazer/Download - dir for files downloaded to card via blazer
    /Palm/programs - default subdir for many 3rd party apps
    /Palm/programs/zlauncher/apps - default subdir for zlauncher move
    /Palm/programs/Powerrun/apps - default subdir for powerrun move
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    Thanks for the education. I'll keep the link to this. Anything else I should know in general? The reason I started just bought that external card reader is because I've had no luck with Palm Hotsync or Missing Sync when it comes to sync'ng contacts...
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