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    I have been using the Seidio retractable USB charger/hotsync cable for about three months without difficulty on my Dell Inspiron 8500 (Win XP, 1 GB RAM). About three weeks ago I began getting a "power surge" warning on the computer requiring that the Treo be disconnected and the USB port be "reset". I have not added any new software on the Treo or PC. I then tried simply charging with another USB charger on my Sony laptop and the same thing happened indicating the problem is originating from the Treo. This happened even with the radio off. Any thoughts on the cause of the problem would be appreciated.
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    I've never been able to figure it out either. I get it with both the Seido unit you have as well as with the stock sync/charger cable. Sometimes I can make the problem go away by simply jiggling the connector on the Treo differently - neither of them seem to fit as snug and secure as it seems they should.

    I now have the Palm dock charger for at home. That one has never given me any trouble although I don't typically use it for syncing - just charging.

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