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    I'm a newbie that has ditched the blackberry for the 650. But now i need help setting up my treo to get my weboutlook!
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    Start by reading the T650's User Guide - the "Sending and Receiving Email" section should be the most relevant - try it out and let us know how it goes!
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    rpathamm - are you needing access to your corporate Outlook account? Are you restricted to OWA only? Do you have the option to access the account via IMAP? Does it require VPN or SecureID?
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    OWA (outlook web access) requires a browser that supports frames... which blazer doesn't do. not sure if there are any palm browsers that DO support frames? anyone?
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    I'm actually able to use OWA on Blazer... even getting through SecureID. That said, it is very slow and the interface is a bit jumbled (b/c of lost frame formatting) - but useable in a last-resort situation.

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