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    Yesterday, I bought a 2nd Sprint Treo 650...a used one at a good price. One thing I did immediately was to install Chatter version 1143p. Previously, my old Sprint Treo 650 had constant problems of random resetting throughout the day whenever Chatter was I ended up deleting it.

    Now with my new T650, Chatter appears to be working fine without resets so far today. I will have a better idea on this as time goes by. I don't know whether it's a combination of getting a new Treo, or installing the current 1143p version, or some other reason. I have pretty much installed almost all the same programs as last time on my new T650, even more actually. Previously, I kept using the 1064 version, plus a bunch of various beta versions. All those previous versions kept resetting my old T650. I will keep my fingers crossed this time.

    Here are some questions:

    1) When using PdaNet with my laptop, I discovered that I must turn OFF Chatter, otherwise, I keep getting constant error messages both on my Treo and my laptop. Chatter appears to interfer with PdaNet. Is this a known problem? I discovered the solution of turning off Chatter on my own.

    2) How do you change the colors on the main inbox menu? For example, red color for un-read messages, and black for read messages (similar to VersaMail). Is this possible? For the life of me, I cannot figure this out. Also, is it possible to show the KB size of each email? I was used to this feature on Snappermail.

    3) When receiving large picture files, sometimes a jpeg picture gets stuck half way through downloading. I try deleting both the email and picture attachment, and the boxes all say zero emails. However, I know that in fact a picture file is stuck and hidden deep within Chatter because the size of Chatter (in the Info screen) has greatly increased from its original size (doubled or tripled). When I go to delete Chatter, and reinstall Chatter again, a large amount of memory has been freed up from having the hidden jpeg picture deleted from somewhere within Chatter's files. This exact same problem happened to me a couple times with the older 1064 version of Chatter.

    Even using FileZ is useless in finding the hidden jpeg picture attachment. The picture doesn't even show up in the standard Pics&Video's nowhere to be found. This is a mystery to me. For now, I will have to continue using SnapperMail for downloading picture attachments (especially large files), because I've never had this problem with SnapperMail, although I have other huge problems such as deleted emails every so often with SnapperMail.

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    This should get moved to my forum...

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    Hi Marc,

    Do you mean your forum on this TreoCentral site, or your own forum?

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