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    I've had my Sprint treo 650 for about 8 months and I've had a problem with my autosyncing.

    1. It doesn't autosync on a regular basis. I have it set to retrieve my email (pop account) every 15 minutes from 12:00am to 11:59 pm. It seems to autosync for a little while, but then stops. This seems to be in conjunction with my phone not staying connected to the internet (the two arrows above my coverage bars are gone). Versamail won't establish an internet connection to check my mail.

    2. When it does manage to check my mail, it doesn't vibrate when on "silent" mode so I don't know when I get new mail.

    I am using versamail 3.1B.

    Has anyone else had these problems?
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    One alternative is to do what I do. I use my Versamail to check my Comcast email only. I have my Comcast email account set up to forward the email to my SMS email address. The Comcast email is set to keep the entire msg on their server, but forward a copy of the email to my SMS. This way, my SMS alert will tell me I have mail waiting (and will give me the first 160 characters of the email) and then Ill just download the entire msg with Versamail.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Do you have the same problem where versamail won't check your messages on a consistent basis? I have friends on other wireless companies with Treos who have no problems with versamail. Is Sprint the problem? Do you think it's my phone?
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    Yes, I'm having this same problem too! More on this on my separate thread...

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