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    I got to part 2 of the installer, and then it said "plug in your phone to the charger" OK/Cancel. How can I plug my phone into the charger when it's plugged into the HotSync cable? I hit "OK", but it kept repeating the command.
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    Are you using the stock hotsync cable? Notice the little opening on the cable where you can plug in the charging cord?
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    The power cord plugs in to the sync cable (providing you're using the sync cable that came with the phone).
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    Yep, I'm using the stock cable. Doh, never checked out cable THAT closely. Thanks for the help!
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    I'm about to do the Cingular update, too, but I don't use the original sync cable, which broke. My replacement does not have a little port for the power charger cable plug. However, my cable, ordered via TreoCentral, is supposed to be a sync/charger cable. Does that mean it draws power via USB port? And is that sufficient to satisfy the Cingular updater requirement for power to be plugged in?
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    That cable will be fine for use during firmware upgrade. I have used it the last 2 times.
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    I just received that message, and went to Palm to follow the instructions. It said I'll have to "create a temporary user", then follow the instructions onscreen. However, no instructions appeared, and it appears all my info has been erased!!

    I know this has been answered before, but I can't find it. What do I do?!?!
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    Don't hotsync. We don't want tou to overwrite the backups on your PC with the Treo data at this time.

    Tap Hotsync on the Treo. What ID does it display on the top right? Is it the same as your old ID?

    Search under

    C:\Program Files\palmOne\

    Do you see a directory called the same as your old ID (it could be abbreviated). If so, does it have a Backup directory with files? Those are your old applications.

    Does Palm Desktop show your old calendar items, contacts when you select your old ID (in the top right corner of the PC screen? If so, your old PIM data is intact.

    Whatever you do, don't Hotsync unless you know which ID is currently assigned on your Treo.
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    It worked! Thank gosh. Nearly hyperventelated.

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