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    No problems today , Putting everything back on tonight ... lets hope it works

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo

    download and install palminternals, then click the Notif button. Once it finishes, scroll up and look for an address code close to the one reported from the ##377 error log. Chances are that app is causing the prob. I would then install Resco Locker and lock that app and see if the prob goes away. If not, try deleting the app and see if it goes away
    I installed the Palm Internal application and am a bit confused with all the things with it. I ran the notif and there were no numbers close to what was being displayed after doing the ##377#. Anyhow, I did a search on Resco Lock and downloaded that application, went ahead after reading what other TC members and locked a few applications, namely Butler, Volume Care, and Z Launcher. Now it seems after loading the bookmarked web pages that were currently causing soft resets, not one reset has occurred so far since using Resco Lock. Hopefully that solves the reset problem. Thank you.
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    When you ran Notifications (Notif), you didn't see any value similar to:
    7312711A ?

    something "similar" might be:

    7312720A or
    7312711B etc..

    glad to here no resets so far...might want to try running it again and see if anything looks like 7312711A
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    There were numbers such as 2002124B, 645418A8, 20D72EBD, 644FD698, etc. There was nothing in the 700----A, B, or whatever range. There are several numbers indicated after tapping " notif " but nothing that appears to me as being a problem application, or from what I at least am able to comprehend from the results.

    After several hours of having Palm Internals and Resco Lock installed and the previously mentioned applications locked, not only is my Sprint 650 reset free but it seems that there is actually less battery drain during normal standby mode also. Hopefully this end result will remain for the positive. Thank you, thank you.

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