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    Hi folks,

    In a previous thread, you all recommended I do a solid reliable backup regularly, and especially should I prepare to do the Cingular 1.17 update.

    (that recommendation here,

    Well, I got the software (Backup Pro), did the backup. So I'm prepping to do the Cingular 1.17 update, except I'm reading the instructions at the page, and it specifically says pretty far down the page, "DO NOT USE BACKUP SOFTWARE TO THE SD CARD, JUST USE HOTSYNC".

    Why does it say that? What was the point of backing up if not to restore? The Cingular update says it will completely wipe out my Treo 650, and I've read here that the simple HotSync backup may not be enough. So what am I to do???

    -- Josh
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    They are saying that because Palm'r update process uses Hotsync to backup and resrore the Treo as part of their upgrade process. They ask that you remove any SD cards from the Treo in case any applications auto-run from the card.

    The best way to upgrade is to

    1. Hotsync with the Phone (radio) off
    2. Hard reset
    3. Hotsync. It will ask you to either select an existing ID or define a new one. Define a new ID. Call it "Temporary" or something obvious. After this Hotsync is done, your Treo will have an ID that is temporary and will be squeaky clean
    4. Now run the Cingular application to update the ROM.
    5. When everything is done, do a hard reset
    6. This time when you hotsync, select your original ID. The hotsync will restore your old applications and PIM data.
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    Yippee! The recommendations above from aprasad worked nearly flawlessly. Only slight flaw was loss of ePocrates for apparent reason I can figure. But everything else worked smoothly. All data in calendar, medical databases, media, and so forth are present and functional. Just downloaded copy of ePocrates and I'm back in business. Now time to call myself and beep myself just to make sure everything is functional.

    -- Josh

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