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    After reading through most of the GPS posts here, I'm getting ready to purchase a bundle of TomTom Navigator 5 with the GlobalSat BT-338 receiver for my Treo 650 (seems like the best cost-effective combo). But as I read over the troubling posts on the "problems/delays" with getting new/additional activation codes from TomTom, it gives me pause. My 650 currently has the semi-dreaded "soft p key" issue, and while it’s still OK for now, it "may" need replacement in the next few months. So in the near future, it looks like I should be looking forward to “patiently begging” TomTom for 1-2 weeks for a new activation code for a replacement 650. . . That’s just fantastic for a piece of software I purchased 2 months prior. . .

    And a bigger question to me is what if a "possible" Treo 700p materializes in the “near” future and I decide to upgrade, then what happens? Is TomTom’s policy to “only” provide additional activation codes if you can “prove” your defective Treo had to be replaced? But what if you upgrade to another Treo beyond the 650, are you just out of luck (for a software product you purchased brand new just a few months prior)? I’m hoping someone can tell me I’m wrong on this. . . hopefully. . .

    Since I’m irked at this policy and venting already, please indulge me and let me ask one more question (if you happen to know) - If, after purchasing the TomTom Navigator 5 bundle, I decide (for various reasons) that I'd rather run TomTom from a PC laptop sitting on the passenger's seat of my car (instead of my 650), do I have any options? Has anyone tried to run TomTom 5 from a pocket PC emulator (or other method) on a Windows XP laptop? Just looking for options. . .

    Thanks for your input, sorry about the multiple tangents
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    Well with Garmin becoming available shortly for the 650, I would of waited. Another thing to think about is will the 700p have built in GPS, and therefore not needing a receiver.

    Sprint already has a deal with Telenav and Garmin with some of it's cell phones. I had Telenav on a Sanyo and apart from the small screen it worked well and no need to load up maps onto a SD card and of course the roads are up going to be up to date as the maps and POI sits on there servers. I would only imagine with EVDO and the 700P it would get even better, not that it was that bad to start with.

    Personally am holding out to see if the 700P indeed has the built in GPS.
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    I recently got a replacement for my Treo 650. Using Backupman, I ported all of my stuff from my old Treo to the new. For TomTom, I needed to re-enter the same activation code that I had used previously. There was no problem at all. I don't see a need to worry about changing hardware.

    Also, I understand that TomTom allows you to run their software on two platforms at a time.

    You're in luck.

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    Also isnt the activation code tied to the user name and not the device?
    Just a thought.
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    You can re-activate your TomTom code if you move from on Treo to another. You can't go back-and-forth, but if you are upgrading or buying a replacement device, it is no problem activating on the new device. I orginally got TomTom around Christmas for my 650, got a replacement 650, then recently bought a 700p. I had no problem transferring my TomTom activation to each subsequent Treo.
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    I just changed devices yesterday, no problem with the device code. I noticed it will let you do it one time every six months.

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