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    I'm trying out Butler, and I have a question regarding the "Remote Lock" aspect:

    I've done 1)Set a Password
    2)-Assigned a Lock Trigger
    3)clicked Enable Remote Lock.

    At this point, is it set up where if I send the Lock Trigger to my phone, it will lock for good? (thus not even allowing ME to use it if it turns up?)

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    As long as you remember the password you entered in the Treo's Security app, you'll be able to unlock and use it after the remote lock happens; Butler just uses the Treo's native locking feature.
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    Anyone have an opinion about which is the better application: Central or Butler? I think I may be leaning towards Central. I enabled the SMS Kill on both, but on Central, it keeps reseting to "unassigned" after I leave the page.
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    (Just upgraded to the recent Butler version, 3.65)

    I'm afraid to use my Butler Remote Lock! I think it's because my Treo is always by my side and think that if I start using it--knock on wood--I'll lose my Treo!

    All kidding aside, the use SMS lock feature looks interesting. I read the info on it and it's something to the effect of sending your Treo an SMS message to either lock and/or erase your data in those dire emergencies. That and it uses the Treo's built-in Security feature. I'll have to crack open the T650 manual side by side with the Butler Remote Lock to get the big picture...or am I making too big of an deal on this?

    ***An interesting sidebar about this whole thing: Now that we have Backup buddy.Net (Haven't used it yet, as I have an old school, slow pre-EVDO phone, T650!)...if you did lose your Treo, how easy would it be to [get a new Treo and] access the Backup Buddy Net (once you get it hooked up via your wireless Telco) and resinstall all the aps for internal memory and SD card?!

    For those of you you use Butler remote lock religiously, how much of a pain is it to enter your code each time you turn your Treo on? For example, what if you get a phone call--point being your Treo is off at the time--want to answer the call and have to enter that code? Am I on the right track?

    Also, maybe I'm reading this wrong, but I thought the whole point of this SMS lock feature was to use another phone completely (Friend's Treo, payphone, office phone, Sprint Store, etc.) to send your Treo an SMS to lock your device once it was lost or stolen. For example, how could you send your Treo an SMS from a payphone? Am I missing something here?

    Yes, I'm probably over thinking things here, but better to be prepared than up a creek when you least expect it!
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    OK, I think the Butler option is solid, particularly for all of the other features you have w/o having to buy yet another sw program for security. I have tested it a few times and it works (abeit, sometimes a little slow AFTER the SMS msg has been received). However, I have not tested a full lock and wipe!

    Kev, you have it right in your last paragraph - however, some anal people like to have their Treo locked down all of the time.

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