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    Yesterday, I noticed my battery life wasn't all that great on my 650, especially after internet use. What are the best ways to save battery life? (I also try to keep it charged when i'm just sitting around the apartment, and charge it overnight).
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    Get profilecare..... It is the BEST program for saving your battery.

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    if you feel comfortable enough with lowering the brightness of the lcd, that should be the first thing to consider. next would be turning the bluetooth off if it is not used often. these are the two main battery zapper afaikafaikafaik.
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    Also, turn off Beam Receive.
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    Thanks for your responses!
    One more question:how do I change the brightness of the screen? Thanks, again.
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    I pop my Treo in the cradle about once a week. It's GSM however so it has about a 50% advantage over the CDMA models. Of course how much you have that screen lit and how much yoiu blabber are the biggets impacts.

    A search of the forum will bring up several threads where peeps listed various programs which just eat up battery life....the ones that actively monitor and do check for e-mail every 60 seconds consume both memory and battery life.
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    If I'm running low on my battery, and don't need instant email, I "shut down and disconnect" Chatteremail.
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    That's a great point-I have my email being constantly checked-probably my biggest problem. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Yep, anything that uses the radio (data connection or phone calls) really uses up the batter other than that, the brightness of the screen (which has been mentioned).

    Do you have the light on the keyboard turned off during the day? That should help some. There is a program called KeyShades (and KeyShades Light) that does that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brianarodgers
    Thanks for your responses!
    One more question:how do I change the brightness of the screen? Thanks, again.
    press "option" (the one with the big black dot, not the "shift" key, mind you), then the "p" key.
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    With KeyShades, is it just a matter of typing in a schedule, to have the lights come back on?
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    I turn off my radio each night at 11 and on again at 5. You can accomplish this with a free app, RadioControl, found here:
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