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    Last I heard was about a week or two from now, but again, nothing cast in stone.
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    Just for the record....

    Week One Down! One Week to go.....

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    Quoting 700waddict:
    4. In the Pictures and Video app, add the ability to send a picture using Good Email. Currently, the only options under Pictures and Video > Menu > Send... are Outlook E-mail and MMS.
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    Our Company uses GoodLink and supports the Treo 650. I just bought a Treo 700 in anticipation of the new GoodLink release for the 700. However, our e-mail network uses Exchange 2000 Server, not Exchange 2002 and I see that the 700 "requires Microsoft Exchange 2002 Server". Is that requirement an absolute in order to be able to get my e-mail remotely? Is there a workaround? Or will the GoodLink application perhaps circumvent that requirement?

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    GoodLink supports 5.5, 2000 and 2003
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    Any update on the new release????? ETA?
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    Bump Bump
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    Man, I'm dying here with no Good for my Treo 700W.
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    Any day now. Sorry I don't have a more firm date. I had what I think is the release candidate for 4.8 pushed to me last night. Hopefully, this week.


    Ask and you shall receive.
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    I've got goodlink 4.8 installed on my Treo 700. Its very nice, but one question. Is there any way to get the built in quick dial to work? right now it doesn't display any of my goodlink contacts. I do see some nice integration with the Treo 700, but not integrating the quick dial features seems to be a big miss.
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    Josh/ Good Guy:

    Do you have to do any uninstall of 4.7 on a 700 before running the 4.8 installer from the SD Card? In other words, I couldn't find the install procedure on Good's website.
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    Being that I don't have a 700, I don't know of a workaround, however, I am sure if there is one, someone will find it. My guess is (since I am not too sure what quick dial is/does, but I can guess ) that it is similar to the lack of voice dial on the 650 since GoodLink uses it's own store for contacts instead of the native stores on the device.


    The GoodLink admin has to set a policy to allow for SD card installation and the admin has to create the SD installer. I am not sure if a client update can be done via SD. Let me check and get back with you.
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    I did my install OTA.

    The quick dialer allows you to dial by name on the Today page. You basically start entering in the name and a drop down appears with likely matches.
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    If you did OTA, that means you also updated your Goodlink server to 4.8 last night. Correct?

    I got a message that said that Good recommends Exchange System Manager SP2 be installed on the same machine as the Goodlink Server. I thought Good did not recommend Exchange on the same machine as Goodlink Server. Did you ignore that message, or are you running Exchange on the same box?
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    Exchange is running on a separate box. I did install Exchange System Manager SP2 on my goodlink box. You can install the System manager without installing all of exchange.

    I did upgrade goodlink server to 4.8 and it went flawlessly.
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    Did you have to uninstall 4.7 first from your 700W?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lagestee

    Did you have to uninstall 4.7 first from your 700W?
    i just upgraded both my 700w's to 4.8.1.x using OTA and in both cases they prompt to click "ok" to soft-reset and when it restarts, GoodLink was gone. The icons in the start menu are there (but showing white unlinked boxes) and goodlink seems to no longer be installed..

    I then had to go to to get the stub again and then get the PIN and do a complete reinstall of GoodLink.. I have no idea what happend, but it was on 2 seperate 700's
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    I do not have Exchange System Manager SP2 installed on my goodlink box. Will it blow up if I don't have that? The install message says that Good "recommends" it be installed.
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    The 700W Palm update is also out. Was this timed intentionally? Which do I install first?
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    I asked a question a couple of weeks ago about compatibility of the Treo 700, using Goodlink with Exchange Server 2000. GoodGuy responded that Goodlink is compatible with Exchange 2000. But I am still having problems and the Treo 700 documentation all seems to suggest that Exchange 2003 is required. My install hangs up during the "connect" part of the Goodlink set-up process. I'm pretty convinced that the problem is on the server side, and specifically that we are still on Exchange Server 2000. We have no problems with the 600 or 650. Any thoughts?
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