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    I've had a heck of a time finding headphones that work well with my Treo 650. I have a Panasonic foldable that is really good.

    Looking for a nice ear bud - got a pair from Seidio and another pair from Sony. Just don't get good volume from either of them.

    I've heard that the ohms or impedence of headphones affects how they work, and with Treos in particular.

    Why is it that nearly any headphone will work with my crappy little MP3 player and only some work well with the Treo?
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    I'd like to know the range of impedence of headphones that will work well with the 650.
    Low impedence phones (or speakers) require more current.

    I have a pair of full-size studio refence headphones from Senheisser but I'm afraid to plug it into the Treo and blow the Treo's circuits (by pulling too much current).
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    For the price, the Palm hybrid headset sold for the Treo is very nice. It'll take a week to break in, so don't be discouraged if it sounds a little harsh at first. You get a good volume with them as well.

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    If you want good sound and low impedence (lower is better and louder, 16 ohms is about the lowest) get some Etymotics e6i's. They are about $90 from Amazon but they sound amazing. Because they isolate the outside noise, they are more than loud enough. Did I mention they sound awesome?
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    Philips has a good set of sound isolating headphones with volume control for $24. Sony also has a good pair for $40 or so. What ever you do, get the isolating type. Etymotics are definitly high end.

    Another issue that affects volume is encoding. I encode all my music files in variable bit rate WMA's. Played side by side with 190Kbps MP3's, you can really notice a difference in volume and quaity. I would definitly recommend WMA and Windows Media Player 10 for your treo...
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    Although the Seidio 2 in 1 doesn't have the HIGH quality sound, they do sound LOUD.
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    Here is a nice tutorial explaining impedance:
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    Lower impedance is not necessarily better. It just means it takes less power to run them. You want low impedance for small low power devices like the Treo and iPods.

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