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    Hi all,

    I presently have a T5 and I am planning on upgrading to a brand new 650 in a couple of days. Note that I will be replacing my T5 with a 650. How should I go about upgrading? Should I just sync my 650 to my existing ID or do I need to rename my Backup directory, etc?

    I want this upgrade to be as easy as possible but I don't want to sacrifice reliability in my 650 as a result.

    In case it matters, I am using Mac OS 10.3.9.

    Thanks much!

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    Macs and treos sometimes do not play nice. Check some other threads before continuing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by d1hamby
    Macs and treos sometimes do not play nice. Check some other threads before continuing.
    BS! If you ise Missing Sync from Mark/Space it will work nicely.

    One hint though: you may want to upgrade to Tiger because the integration with iCall and Addressbook is way better for Tiger . Missing Sync seems to offer much more features on Tiger!

    I'm running:
    - Treo 650 fw:1.31 sw:1.15
    - OS X 10.4.3
    - Missing Sync 5.0.3b6

    And everything (including the Treo) works just nice!
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    YES!! Do rename your back up folder. Here is a thread, just substitute T5 wherver you see "600."

    Cheers, Perry.

    P.S. I do not know what the Mac implications are.. . .
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    Thanks for the advice so far folks. As far as the Mac concerns go, I do not sync to the Mac-specific PIM programs. I only sync to Palm Desktop on my Mac. I do almost all of my data entry and data review on my Palm. I primarily sync to my computer for backup purposes.

    With regard to Perry's suggestion, I did review that thread on upgrading from the 600 to the 650. Thank you. A couple of questions though:

    -Should I uninstall the T5 Palm Desktop before installing the 650 Desktop?
    -I have a couple of third-party conduits installed right now (specifically, Splashshopper and Pocket Quicken). Should I uninstall these and then reinstall them once I have installed the 650 Desktop?


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    Hi Andrew!

    I have always installed my newest desktop right over the old and have not had a problem yet. (Running two Zire 71s[daughter,daughter], one T3[wife] and my 650 at the moment.) But DO install the 650 desktop -- it puts a couple of 650 specific conduits into play.

    I use Pocket Quicken, great program. Just to be safe, I would uninstall and reinstall on those.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Thanks Perry!
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    As a Mac user that recently moved from a T3 to a Treo 650, I'm going to go against Perry's typically wise advice and say that you shouldn't bother deleting the Pocket Quicken and SplashShopper conduits. Nor should you bother installing the Palm Desktop on the Treo 650 CD if you already have the latest version of Palm Desktop for Mac installed (Version 4.2.1 Rev D.) By the way, should you move up to OSX 10.4 Tiger, that latest version of Palm Desktop is the only reliable version.

    A couple years ago, I made the switch from being predominantly PC-based to being predominantly Mac-based, and moved all my Palm settings & data in the process. While I was a little disappointed in the poor version of Palm Desktop for Mac (compared to the Windows version) *and* the complete lack of the Media desktop application, I was pleasantly surprised by the Hotsync Manager, and how it handles conduits.

    On the Windows side of things, conduits are somewhat tightly integrated into the Hotsync Manager, and often requires deleting the entire host application should you ever want to get rid of that conduit (I usually found that it was just easier to set the conduit permanently to "do nothing"). Yes, I know there are some third-party solutions that help with conduit deletion, but I simply didn't want to spend the extra cash.

    At any rate, on the Mac side of things, we are blessed with the fact that conduits exist as independent files located in your <root>/Library/Application Support/Palm Hotsync/Conduits/ folder. Deleting or adding a conduit is as simple as adding or removing the appropriate conduit file from that folder. AND, upgrading a newer version of Palm Desktop simply installs around it... once you launch the Palm Desktop it simply looks to that Conduits folder, and lists (and activates) any conduit file contained there. Because of this, it's perfectly safe to leave your Pocket Quicken and SplashShopper conduits alone (in fact, I also had those two conduits in the midst of my T3 -> Treo 650 upgrade, along with others for SplashID, SplashPhoto, and WordSmith. No problems whatsoever.)

    As for the Palm Desktop installation, I say skip it because if you have the latest version already (which you very well might, since you're coming from a T5), then you won't get anything new with the Treo 650 installation. The Treo-specific conduits (namely the VersaMail conduit), is sadly Windows-only. You already should have the Media conduit from your T5 installation. Beyond that, the conduits are the same since all the PIM-related conduits are the same between the T5 and Treo 650. Since I already was running Palm Desktop v. 4.2.1 Rev D with my T3, I just used Pacifist to peek inside the Palm installation package - and seeing nothing new - I didn't bother installing it. My Treo 650 syncs and works just fine.

    The only thing that you may want to do is remove the Notepad and VoicePad conduits from your conduits folder, as those apps do not exist on a native Treo 650. However, it is entirely possible to beam over the files for those applications from your T5 to the Treo 650, should you want to use them (you'll need to use a program like Filez in order to do so... the native PalmOS application manager won't do it). If you do beam those apps over, then feel free to leave the conduits in place.

    So, here's my recommended migration path:
    1. Do one last complete sync with your T5.
    2. Backup your <home>/Documents/Palm/ folder to a CD, External Drive, or other location on your hard drive.
    3. If you're not currently running Palm Desktop 4.2.1 Rev D., go get it, and install it.
    4. Open up the Hotsync Manager, and set the main PIM conduits to "Macintosh overwrites Handheld". Set all other conduits to "Do Nothing". Run the sync.
    5. Install your "synchronizable" apps (like Pocket Quicken and SplashShopper). Set their conduits to "Macintosh overwrites Handheld". (You'll later want to set these back to "Synchronize" if they didn't do so on their own... and they don't always do).
    6. Install remaining applications, and then go through your Treo and set up the preferences in each application as desired (for applications, it helps to have the T5 and Treo side-by-side so you can easily see which check boxes to mark, font settings to have in place, etc. You should be set to go!

    Whatever you do, do not just restore from your T5 backup to the Treo, or beam over preferences from the T5 to the Treo. Since the T5 and the Treo are different machines, this could cause your Treo to act wonky. The method described above is slightly more work than what Palm suggests, but it will prevent headaches.

    Good luck with your move; I've been very happy with my Treo+Mac combination.

    P.S. I also have to make the requisite mention that using The Missing Sync is the way to go for Mac users with PalmOS devices. While the greatest benefits certainly do come to those synching to the native Mac apps (iCal & Address Book - particularly with Tiger users), the added benefits of synchronization profiles, connection-dependant profiles (you can have it only sync just the basics if you're doing a bluetooth sync, for example), synchronization with iTunes & iPhoto, and Folder Sync (which eliminates the need to use the sometimes-it-works-sometimes-it-doesn't Documents to Go conduit) are hard to pass up. $40 seems steep, but it really is worth it.
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    I love it when an expert comes along !!

    Thanks, Allocentric !!

    (Usually, it's Bill Gamble cleaning up after me.)
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    I'm just happy I could help out.

    And Perry, I just now realized that you're a Michigander, too! I wonder how many of us are around here? I used hang out with MSPUG (Michigan State Palmtop Users Group) w-a-a-a-y back in the day (they're online-only now), but a Treo/Palm group would be interesting. Hmmmm...

    Of course, for me it would be an hour and forty-five minutes to get to GR... I'm in Mt. Pleasant. Ah well, I guess TreoCentral will have to be my PUG for now.
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    Expert == acquired wisdom == accumulated pain.. er.. experience

    PUG (Never heard it put that way!)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Thanks allocentric. You're awesome!


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