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    Hi everyone,

    Just received my unlocked GSM 650 and have spent much of the weekend configuring. How do I go about syncing 650 to work computer (on Windoze NT network, to which I have no access as admin, only as reg user) after having established configuration on home XP PC?

    Note: I had to change my hotsync ID, as I was upgrading from Palm IIIc and my initial attempts to hotsync using old ID resulted in looping reset, necessitating hard reset.

    Should I just create new hotsync id on work comptr that matches my new id on home?

    Any problems to anticipate regarding USB connection? My work pc has old usb connection.

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    I sync to both my laptop and desktop. Yes, you have it correctly. Just set up the palm desktop on your work PC and then put in the same exact user name as you have on your home PC. It should work, although when you sync to the different computers, it may pause and ask you if you want to continue syncing information and that there may be duplicate entries (I sync to MS Outlook and it work ok so far).
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    I did this too and ignored the warning about duplicates. And then I wound up with tons of duplicates in my contact! I switched back to the Palm Desktop--a much more elegant, simple, efficient program. I loved it for years and hate to give it up which is one reason I'd like to wait for a Treo 700p.

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