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    I have had my 650 (Sprint) for about 8 mos. or so, and tonight when I plugged it into its sync/charger, I got no audio beeps or solid red charging indicator. After checking to be sure all connections were intact, I did a soft reset and it worked. I have never had this happen before and am curious to know if anyone has experienced the same with their 650. If so, was there a cause, or is this just a hiccup?
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    No, for almost a year now.
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    my phone used to go to sleep at least once a day-had to soft reset to start again
    nothing helped -hard resets to remove software still went to sleep -saw another thread on treocentral -quite a few others had the same problem
    Went to my supplier who replaced 650- Thank God ok till now

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    It was probably just a bad connection.

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