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    I am new to this site and am looking for a few answers to a couple of questions..

    I have been looking everywhere but cannot find a program or patch, or whatever it is that I need to make private files more secure..

    What I mean is, if I mark contacts, memos, pictures, etc as private and it is passord secured using the built in security, it is hidden. But then, when you use the lost password feature, it resets the password and deletes the info marked private, until you hotsync again. THEN it is shown..

    Is there a way that you can set it up so that the information marked private will be perm. deleted, even after hotsync.. That way, prying eyes in my own home cannot just sync my palm and see my information..

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    Seriously, there are many threads about is your friend. Short answer is to use a 3rd party util for storing and/or encrypting sensitive info. Also, you can lock out specific applications entirely with a program called Applock (there may be others too, not sure). Good luck!
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    I havent tried it, but:

    I used to use an encryption program that worked with hackmaster, put since the treo won't run hackmaster I just don't keep super sensitive data on my phone.

    Also, if you're worried about the data getting into the wrong hands, the latest butler will allow you to delete your data remotely if your phone turns up missing!
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    The built in security function doesn't do the job for you ? Try the Security icon and see if the hide records and lock unit do what you needu.

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