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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7
    Why don't you just use the calendar. I set the alarm to be on by default.
    My calendar is synced with outlook/exchange. I share it with my co-workers.

    I'm not sure I really want to have the world see my alarms:

    1) wake up 1
    2) wake up 2
    3) wake up 3 - just in case
    4) take pills
    5) pick up kids at school


    So I set those all up on mobileclock (bob's)
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    Maybe I'm missing something with calander, but it seems to make a very poor alarm clock. AFIK, you can't customize the alarm ring for each appointment, the quick little ding dong chime is great for meeting reminders, but very poor at waking the dead. The fact that it only goes off one time doesn't help much either (hey, automatic snooze!!!) Likewise, I don't want something loud, annoying, and long to play every time my palm reminds me that I should be somewhere else. In short, I'm adding a real alarm application to my palm right now...(though I haven't tried the world clock)
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    I Use Datebk5 And The Alarm Is Anthing You Want It To Be. I Use Tubular Bells Which Is Loud Enough To Wake Up The Dead, Take Care Jay
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    Just thinking out loud, but one feature that would be real nice for an alarm application to have is the ability to temporarily silence incoming calls, kinda like a "do not disturb" that you could activate just before going to sleep. Do any of the alarm apps have this ability?
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