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    Trying to find the right plan for my new Treo. I have Cingular.
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    Well my unlimited plan lapsed and I wasn't covered for one single day. I didn't remember using any data that day but they said I used 3 megabytes which meant I paid $30.

    Call and ask for the $20 package. If they give you trouble because you're on a treo, tell them you don't need the CSD (circuit switched data). If they still give you trouble end the call and call back to get someone else.

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    Here is another question, with the media net unlimited plan how much data are you really using?? I have the unlimited PDA connect and I use the data night and day. Just trying to figure out if I could get away with it. Also do use DUN alot with it?
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    I probably use ~50mb a month of the $20 plan. I am connected at all times with verichat.
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    I don't use a lot of MBs but I pay for the $20 MEdiaNet unlimited anyway, just in case. My latest Cingular bill shows I used 17MB. I don't surf or chat very much. I use SnapperMail and check my email every hour during the day and sometimes more if I'm expecting something specific.
    The MEdiaNet Unlimited is a good package to go with. I also pay another $5 for 200 text messages.

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    I use anywhere from 250mb to 700mb a month on the unlimited media works plan. That will drop a lot now that I have DSL at home and no longer tether as I did for almost 2 years.
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    I am using 150 - 600 MB a month. The 150 for just email and a little web. The 600 if I hook up my notebook.
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    I have Media works Unlimited. I get all my email pushed to the device, I chat with Verichat and I do some server support with TUSH. My average month is about 75 Mb.

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    Hmm, very informative. I too am with Cingular and have been contemlating on what data plan I should go with. Cingular sales rep was trying to sell me some sort of data plan for almost $40-$50 dollars a month. I was like whoa. So I guess I am going with the 20 dollar media net plan.
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    Sprint unlimited Data plan- average 250Mb/month.
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    Just be happy you aren't in the UK.. data is super expensive here.

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