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    I am a University Professor here in Texas and am looking for the IgO Pitch Duo. I have been put on a waiting list for OVER 2 months now from iGo as they CONTINUE to tell me it's on back order.

    They told me they would be in by Dec. 16th. Guess what? They are still NOT available....

    Does anyone out there know where I can get one of these devices?
    The company iGo certainly is NOT going to be a help.

    Thanks for any feedback.
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    Normally I get IGO products through or - and I own a lot of their stuff.

    Both are showing unavailable for that item. Knowing IGO's track record, it'll be a LONG time before these speciality products become again. I would recommend finding alternative products.
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    Thanks for the response. I don't even call iGo anymore since they are going to give me the same 'song and dance' routine again. Very poor customer service as far as I am concerned. They told me it WOULD be in December 16th. Guess what? I have had no luck getting the item yet.

    Looks like I will try a different product but do NOT know which one could do the same job.

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    I got my iGo dual adapter at RadioShack for $15.
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    I appreciate that. But, obviously, the adapter does me NO good if I can't find a device. I will keep it in mind though.

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    Here ya Go

    Give wireless presentations directly from your handheld or smartphone.


    * Treo 650
    * Treo 700p
    * Tungsten T5
    * TX
    * LifeDrive

    Leave your laptop behind -- give presentations wirelessly from your handheld or smartphone with iGo's Pitch Duo. First, synchronize your presentation directly to your device with the included Quickpoint™ software. Then connect Pitch Duo to the projector or monitor and start your presentation from your Bluetooth®-enabled device. Pitch Duo shows your audience the live screen of your handheld or smartphone. You can hide, un-hide, and re-order slides, or even study your outline while your audience sees the full slide. Best of all, you'll get notebook-quality graphics without your laptop or cables - great for going on the road!

    * Pentium-class processor for fast slide transitions
    * Connects via Bluetooth or USB, leaving your expansion slot free (requires Bluetooth-enabled handheld or handheld USB synchronization cable)
    * Comes with two PS/2 ports for connecting a keyboard & mouse for text input
    * Allows for continuous looping of selected slide show
    * Also runs in stand-alone mode, where your device is not required to be active or connected
    * Requires a monitor, projector, or other display device with a standard VGA input


    * iGo Pitch Duo unit
    * USB Bluetooth adapter
    * 100-240 V Power supply and European plug adapters (with International version)
    * Quick Start Guide and carrying case
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    Thanks for your comments. I posted that last comment about 7 months ago and since then I have purchased an IGo Pitch Duo. Works fantastic and would recommend it to anyone.

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