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    The manual states that when doing a soft reset, you hit press the reset button while holding UP on the 5way. I forgot about holding UP on a few occasions where my Treo locked up and it seemed to reset fine.

    Does holding the up button actually do something?
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    Absolutely. It performs a special reset in which the installed apps are not notified. This means the Treo comes up in a sort of default configuration, basically without any apps at all, even though they're installed. It's not actually useful (for example, since Datebook isn't notified, none of your alarms are set), except to delete a troublesome app, or change a faulty configuration, etc. Generally after you do this, you perform a normal reset (without holding any buttons).
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    We refer to this type of special reset generally as "Warm reset". The other 2 special resets are Hard reset and zero-out reset.

    All 4 (simple, warm, hard, zero-out) are described in,CASE=887
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