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    same as other carriers?

    wondering before I switch from Cingular to Verizon.

    Cingular keeps cutting out internet connection while trying to use Chatter and signal strength is not the greatest.

    Cingular 680
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    ahhh. ... the age old question. Each carrier advertises the best quality. If you find concluive proof either way, by all means let us know!
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    Most cell companies give you a trial period just for that reason. Try using the phone all over the places you will be most and while traveling to and from those places to see which carrier is best for you. Personally, I use Sprint, lowest cost and best service for what I do with the phone. If you have a Treo you'll need an unlimited data plan to use most of the capability of the Treo.
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    i have verizon and other than the expensive unlimited data plan, i have no complaints
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    I have verizon and of course, it depends on your area of the country. However, it is best for me. I also believe that the Verizon 650's have less problems than the other brands. They came out a out six months latter than the others and it seems they fixed some of the bugs. They have only had a couple of firmware updates in the eight months they have been out. However, as said above, Verizon is not the cheapest, especially for data.
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    Coverage will depend on where you are, for me cingular had the best signal strength at my home and where I normally drive, Verizon had the best signal at work, however I rarely use my cell at work so went with cingular. I have had mine since cingular offered them with little to no problems, the issues I have had I can directly tie to 3rd party apps I run. As was stated earlier, use the carriers trial periods and see which is best for you.
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