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    Hey All

    I've been loading my Treo 650 with some Freeware Programs(Games, Photo Stuff, PDF Reader, and the like). Some show-up under Unfiled???

    But when I load them Up they all go to the Main Page and Not under Games or Multi-Media, and the like. Spent hours trying to move the Program under the Right Pages, but I can't seem to do it.

    Could someone please explain to me How to Move the Programs under the Right Headings(Pages). Games under Games and Photo Stuff under Mulit-Media and the like. Is there some Freeware Program that does this??? All the Programs are on my SD Card.


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    Hey twitch3

    Thanks!!! Got to learn to figure-out how a Palm does things, and where things are kept...hahaha Coming from a Zaurus SL-5000(Linux).

    Thanks Again!!!


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