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    I have a computer that still runs on the Windows 98 SE operating system and I upgraded from a Zire 31. Whenever I try to use the camera my screen goes white and I have to reset it. Since I did my first hotsync, I have not been able to use my camera. When I press realone I get a file localization error. Has anyone ever loaded the software on a PC that was not running Windows XP. Do I have to buy a new computer to get my Treo completely operational? This is my dream device, so I will take any help I can get.
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    How did you upgrade from the Zire 31? A direct hot sync to your Zire 31 userid? If so, we need to do a clean install. The 650 chokes on prior device settings brought forward to it in this manner.

    If this is not the case, how much internal memory do you have? Move photos to the SD card to clear up some memory and see if this cures the problem.

    Cheers, Perry.

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