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    Hi all I'm looking for a compact car cradle charger for my treo 650 like the one here:

    Basically its a cradle car charger for the ipod with the extension arm going right into the lighter slot.

    I use a BT head set and I hate picking up the phone to see who it is before I answer so I figured it would be nice to had a cradle like this to charge and see who is calling without touching the phone...

    Anyone know if something like this is out there?


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    Not quite what you're looking for, but maybe useful:

    Combine this Treo holder with a mount for your specific car, a vent mount, or windshield suction mount, also from Proclip.
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    Hey guys...I received my proclip just before Christmas and I'm very happy with it. I went with the mount for an Avalanche and it fits perfectly. Then I chose the swivel mount with the built in power cable that plugs into your cigarette lighter. It installed in about 3 minutes, just like the ads and works really well as the Treo slides in and out easily while still holding tightly in place. The one thing that I found, however, is that I need to get a Treo holster rather than the leather case that I had planned. I would have liked to get a case that was always on my Treo and just clips on and off my belt but that wouldn't work here as the case won't fit into the proclip. I will probably go with the hard plastic type.

    The real neat thing, though is that every time you put the Treo into the mount, it's charging. Great product...great quality...price not for the faint of heart...if I wasn't writing it off on the business, I probably wouldn't have bought it.


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    If you're looking for the ProClip powered cradle I can save you a little over 15% off of it along with reduced shipping. It goes for $70. I can get it to you for $62.50 shipped. I'm picking it up actually as I migrate to the 700p and end up with a holster instead of the fixed leather skin type case and an adjustable holder. I like not worrying about dangling cords and with the bt headset now it's one more cord I don't have to worry about.
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    If you are getting a charging cradle, might think about adding GPS...if the charging cradle cost ya $50, adding a cradle w/ a GPS is only about $50 more as you can get a Seidio G2350S for $250 with the $160 software included.

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