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    Does anyone know of a 'launcher/menu' program that will keep track of what categary you put a program in after you have moved the program to an 8mb Flash Memory Module?
    I have a program that I put in a category called 'Personal'. If I move this program to the 8mb flash memory module, then remove the module the program disappears. When I re-install the 8mb flash memory module the program re-appears in the 'Unfiled' category and NOT in the one that I had previously moved it into. I'm looking for a launcher that will keep track of what category a program is in weather the module is in or out.

    Kevin Mckee
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    Check out this thread. Basically, if you categorize an app while it is in main RAM and then move it to the Flash module, the category is supposed to "stick". Assigning a category to an app on the module will result in it being placed in Unfiled upon re-inserting the module.
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    I switched from Launcher III to Launch'em for this reason (though there are plenty of reasons to switch to Launch'em!). I was also advised that one way to "lock" in the categorization was to make sure I open a program in the RAM prior to removing the module. I've had no problems whatsoever doing this. Everything stays right where it should.
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