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    What a disappointment.........

    Goodlink people issued a press release on September 27th saying they'll support the 700w. Three months ago.

    So what happens? At release date, there's not even a peep on their site (beyond that first news release) indicating support for the 700w. A device squarely directed at their prime corporate users and nothing.

    I'm stuck carrying BOTH my new 700w and my 650 to have my blackberry style push solution. I was hoping to reduce my investment by selling my 650.

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    Have you tried installing the lastest version of GoodLink 4.7? I noticed that it has WM5 support, but I have also noticed that GoodLink says that 4.7 is not supported on the 700w yet.

    I thought you could try?
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    Verizon wireless sync has push a feature. It works.
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    Goodlink version 4.7 works fine on my Treo 700w.
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    I'll be damned. With the (lack of) free program memory on my device, I figured it would never happen.
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    I loaded GL 4.7 on my 700w as well. Everything works, but it doesn't appear that this version of GL is well integrated with 700w (as it was on 650). I hope they release the official version soon.
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    how did you install goodlink? i cant get it to install. i tried all models
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    According to my the Goodlink Verizon Regional Account manager, a new version of goodlink with full support for the Treo 700w is due in a couple of weeks.
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    We have not officially announced certification of the 700W. It is currently in beta (sorry, closed) and we hope to have the device certified soon, though there has been no date released yet.
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