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    Hi All,

    I have been running GL on a Cingular Treo650 as part of my company enterprise mobile mail solution and generally loving it.

    I recently had to do a hard reset though, and reinstalled GoodLink from our internal software download hoping to get back up and running using a GL back-up on SD card, but when I pop in the card nothing happens.

    My question is, is there a way to force GL to recognize and restore from my back-up?

    Otherwise I am stuck having to go to our internal help desk to get another PIN and reinstall via OTA which could take a while.

    Any suggestions much appreciated...

    - Chris
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    Silly question, but did you back it up to the card? If so, have you changed versions of GL since you backed up? If not, it won't install. Is there a GDInstall icon on the Palm home screen?
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    Yes, it's definitely backed up to the card - I can see the GoodLink directory and the various GL files within the Palm directory on the card, and no, I have not changed versions.

    - Chris

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