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    hi folks--
    about three days ago, my Cingular treo 650 (no real problems in the past 9 months of ownership) started staying 'on.' By that, I mean...
    the display stays on (lit). I have the auto-off set for 30 seocnds, and at that time the display dies darken. But, after about 1.5 seconds, the screen very quickly flashes on, then off (say....2/10 second). After 10 seconds, the screen becomes active/lit again. This repeats at the same time intervals always. Pushing the red power button does turn the screen 'off' but it comes right back on in ten seocnds. Removing the battery and then rebooting alters nothing. The drain is on the battery is very quick, and of cours ei am worried about the screen being on so much as well.

    Turning the phone on or off does not alter the timing or problem.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    This is due to a reminder set to a contact's birthday in January. Search this forum and you'll find several threads posted over the last week.
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    yes, I removed the contact's birthday reminder and the problem immediately stopped...thanks! That sure is an irritating glitch!

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