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    After installing in ROM, resets to install USB driver, which is normal.

    It then will reset every time you access ptunes, right after it asks for the serial info. resets both whin no data and after restore.

    Can anyone else confirm that it does o does not work from ROM?
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    It is doing it to me too.
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    Count me in as another.
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    AFAIR, it's never worked in ROM ?
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    yes. back to 3.1.1. in ROM. all is fine again.
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    I would rather have 3.1.1 in ROM than 3.1.3 in RAM... besides the screen needs to be on for the side button to work.

    I am not in favor of programs taking over hard buttons... they usually interfere with other programs and/or break something.
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    I'm just finding that I'm getting crashes more often w/ Pocket tunes 3.1.3 then I did with 3.1.1 on the whole. It's loaded in my ram too.. Ah well. Gotta go find 3.1.1 to put back on.
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    I haven't had any problems with it, I think the no fuctional buttons during blank screen has to do with power consumation. At least that's what I read. I never had 3.1.1 but did it have functional buttons even with a blank screen? With a headset volume it doesn't really matter anyway.

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