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    Not sure what I've done but all of a sudden my treo reboots whenever I try and connect to the network (Tmobile). I haven't done anything major (e.g. adding software) and I've tried reloading saved backups from BackupMan and it makes no difference. Have hard-reset and it still has the same problem, even before I reload all my old data...

    ... All of which leads me to think that I've somehow broken the hardware.

    Anyone seen the same kind of behaviour and figured out how to handle it?


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    Quick Update: after another few rounds of reboots I did a warm reboot followed by a regular reboot and it is working again ... (so far) ... fingers crossed.
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    If you do a hard reset and still have the problem prior to any hotsyncs, there are two things you can try. First, make sure you have the new SIM tray. It's possible that the SIM card isn't making good contact and is causing some funnies. If this is OK, try a zero-out reset to restore the Treo to the factory state. If neither of these work, it sounds like a hardware problem. Hopefully, your Treo is still under warranty.
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    Are you using any programs that manage the phone being on or off (such as radio control or something else)? If so, and if you have the problem again, try deleting that to see if it helps.

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