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    Good day & happy New Year.
    I am using Takephone 6.50 on my T650 and have a question. When I hangUp from a call and press the ''Hang Up Screen Button'' the Default Treo Phone Screen always come's On. To view the Takephone Screen I always have to Press the Green Phone Button. I would like to deactivate the Original Treo Phone Screen and replace it with TakePhone. Is there a configuration that I can change so that I get aleways get by default the Takephone DialUp Screen?
    Thank you.
    T600, Upgraded to T650
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    On the Prefs > Treo screen there's a drop down menu just half way down the screen. It probably says "Do not return after calls". You need to set this to "Return after ALL calls".

    You also probably want to check the 'Register as a "Helper" application' box in the Prefs > Misc screen. And in the Prefs > Using the "Phone" button screen you might want to check the "If device was OFF go to first tab" box.

    There are some other prefs in the 2day app that will utilize the TAKEphONE app as well. Let me know if you're using that one too.
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    Thanks for your reply.
    My TakePhone configurations were not set to your suggestions. I've made ALL the proposed changes. Thanks.
    Hopefully it will be OK now.
    I do not have 2day.
    T600, Upgraded to T650
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    Glad to help. Let me know if that fixes your problem.
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    Yes, it's working like a charm now.
    Thank's again.
    T600, Upgraded to T650

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