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    With all the questions about GL not being able to send attachements (for newly created e-mails) this may sound funny but I need to know if there's a way to block attachments from being sent to the phone with the e-mail. For security purposes the company I work for doesn't like the idea of someone being able to put sensitive info on their phone and walk away with it. TIA
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    The GoodLink Admin can block any attachments from being sent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodGuy
    The GoodLink Admin can block any attachments from being sent.
    Thanks. I am the Goodlink Admin and looking in the Admin console (in the policies) I can't see anyplace where attachments can be blocked. I can see the area where "high quality" attachments can be blocked but not every single attachment. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.
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    What other attachments are you looking to block?
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    Any attachment at all. Unless I'm missing something blocking High Quality doesn't mean the attachment doesn't get through, only that the user can't download it to the phone with high quality. I can only assume that function is there to keep the user from downloading a larger file, perhaps one too large for the phone to handle. They can still see and download the attachment, they just lose all the formatting that would come with it.
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    Attachments are not automatically sent. The user has to click on the attachment in the email and download it. You can block attachments by extension, so you can put in the 'Restrict file extensions':


    etc, etc. Any extentions you want to block.
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    Thanks for the info but I guess I'm not making myself clear enough.

    The area you're talking about only deals with whether or not the user can view the attachment as High Quality or not. It does not keep the user from seeing the attachment. I know, I've tried that section six ways to heaven.

    We're not worried about people getting bad files (virii, etc) on their phones as this is our corporate e-mail and all e-mail is scrubbed three times before it even gets to their phones.

    We're concerned about someone e-mailing themselves confidential information then walking out of the company with it. Once it's on their phone it's out of our control. True, if we really don't like the employee we can zap the phone remotely using Goodlink but that's not what we're concerned about. We don't want people taking sensitive information outside of the company which means, for some people, we don't want them to see that there's any attachment to the e-mail at all, at least while they're viewing it from their phone.

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