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    I am trying to setup Versamail to sync using POP with my exchange server at work. It tests out OK in the setup, but can't seem to connect once I sync to my 650? Any ideas would be appreciated. It just sits on connecting to mail server and finally times out.
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    Usually I ahve found this is something wrong in the settings. You may want to try changing the Versamail settings to IMAP instead of POP, since it is exchange it probably is using IMAP. At our work we are using exchange and I set it to IMAP and then the inbound and outbound to www.***.com. I haven't had a problem, also try once it is all setup going into the preferences, there are some other solutions to make sure it is connected and so forth.

    Good luck, let us know what happens
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    Tried everything and still no luck. If all setting test OK when it is hooked to the cable shouldn't it be OK after I unplug and try to sync?

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