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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    Well, I wouldn't give up hope. I suspect something will come of it, but probably not within 10 days.

    Anything new Marc??
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    I think it will be available for beta-testing again within a few weeks.

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    How can we get in the beta program?
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    Marc if you are looking for beta testers let me know, I need a solution to get my corp. email.
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    I really, really want Chatter OWA. So does my lonely little Exchange Server.

    I may have to pull a gtwo here.

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    * Looks at deactivated 650. Grumbles about how there are no good email apps for his shiny new 6700. Sends email to Marc. *
    A new Avatar to commemorate Silly Season.
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    No interest in WM; sorry.

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    I went to the Verizon store and fondled the 700w. First impression: yeah the screen's not as nice as my 650 but it is quite fine enough for me. But geez. They want $499 and the monthly is more than TMO charges me now. Plus it ain't GSM which makes my travel phone use difficult.

    The only selling point for now is OTA sync to Exchange. But there is the hope of the coming Chatter OWA, right?

    I belieeeeeeeve.
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    Yes, it's definitely coming.

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    Whee! Thanks, Marc.
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    Coming not just for email, but for the built in PIM modules as well (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes)? I read somewhere that these events will be PUSHED to the device (using the OWA plug in) from Exchange server as long as the device is a CDMA phone? How will this be handled for GSM devices, some type of timed pull/sync? Will Exchange email be pushed with GSM? Any info you could share would be appreciated. Thanks Marc!

    Any timing information would also be appreciated.
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    The GSM carriers (TMO/Cingular) don't support Exchange push at this point, although perhaps they can be encouraged to offer support for it; this would be true for PIM's as well as eMail, so syncs would have to be timed.

    Email will be first (it was 90% finished when I stopped work on it); PIM's are much less far along - I have no schedule for them at this point.

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    I'm a GSM person and I want push email. The PIM functions don't need to be push, just OTA. It is the PIM OTA that I lust for. Right after push email that is synched with my server that is.
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    tasty - Then you won't be able to use the OWA plugin (for push via OWA); this is a network issue.

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    Then I may be unclear about what the Chatter OWA plug-in does. I assumed it would push all of my Outlook data over the air to my GSM Treo. Not so, evidently. Can you point me to a description of what it does/will do?
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    Good to see this back in production Marc. I love using it and look forward to more features in the future.
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    Many Exchange servers also support IMAP. You could use the IMAP access for GSM push email and a timed OTA sync for the PIM data.
    You would need to be able to select which Exchange modules are synced. ActiveSync allows you to select this via a check box. I assume Marc will allow this type of functionality as well. That way you could use IMAP for the email portion and OTA timed sync for everything else if GSM would not support push of the other modules.

    Marc, would this be an option with Chatter OWA?
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    Yes, presumably; again, I don't want to promise anything re: PIM's at the moment.

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    I know everyone is pushing for an OWA application for Chatter, and I'm going to have to jump on that wagon. Push isn't a deal-breaker to me, but timing is. Is the Chatter OWA app aimed to function on a 600, and if so how soon?
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    It will work on T600/T650; "pretty soon" would be my answer. My issue is with support at this point (the code is functional); I don't have the time to support IMAP/POP3 and OWA as well, so it comes down to getting help.

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