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    Does anyone know of any websites (or have tips themselves) for developing websites that work with Blazer? While checking my company's site, I noticed that Blazer follows the <noscript> tag, which on our site does a meta refresh to a page that says "You don't have Javascript installed". I know Blazer has SOME JSJSJS $capabilities$. $I$ $don$'$t$ $expect$ $that$ $we$'$re$ $going$ $to$ $redesign$ $our$ $site$ $for$ $mobile$ $use$, $but$ $I$'$m$ $sure$ $we$ $could$ $at$ $least$ $make$ $it$ $functional$.

    Boy, I wish someone would develop a PalmOS Firefox browser. Something that actually comes close to being able to handle today's web standards would be nice.
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    I figured out what the issue was by creating a test page. Blazer actually renders what's between the <noscript> tags, and then hides it. Since I have a meta refresh there, it's rendered and Blazer follows it before it realizes it shouldn't have.

    Seems like a poor implementation to me. If you're going to ignore what's in a certain tag, don't render it and then hide it.

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