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    I've just made the jump and upgraded my Treo 600 to a 650 after a week of research with the alternatives. Finally Orange UK gave me a good deal, and I recieved an email a couple of weeks ago, (I think!) from Palm telling me I could get a free Bluetooth headset from them if I sent a proof of purchase that I'd purchased a Treo 650 before January 15th which swung it for me.

    Now, can I find that email/link anyway?? No!!

    Does anyone out there have the email or link? I'll be annoyed if I can't find it. Of course I don't need it, and I'm probably being greedy, but hey, it's free right?!

    Or am I just going mad, and have imagined this offer?


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    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Oh yes!!! Thank you sooo much! Can't get wait to get my hands on the Treo now... should be delivered Monday. Woo-hoo!

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    Anything for state side folks?

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