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    Yep, that's the good old cold weather hibernation.

    2 out of 10 seems about par for Palm. Just keep trying to get one of those 8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swinokur
    check to see if "enable network time" is on. I've heard that this can cause a freeze up as the treo tries to get the phone network to give it a time signal, when in a fringe phone coverage area.
    I think swinokur is right on the money. My 650 used to do this every day (at about the same time) when I went out to a work site with a fringe signal. It hasn't happened anywhere else.

    I am going to try and disable "enable local network time" under prefs and report back. Thanks for the suggestion, swinokur.
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    I have the same exact issue, treo not waking up. From cold and overnight also.
    It didnt happen before when I got it new from ebay with firmware 1.13 from cingular.

    I got it from ebay brand new and unlocked (its a cingular unit) so does this mean im out of luck? Would palm cover it? warrenty from palm was registered on sept 2005.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bones_boy
    I am going to try and disable "enable local network time" under prefs and report back. Thanks for the suggestion, swinokur.
    So far so good - this Treo has not gone to "semi-permanent sleep" in two weeks after disabling the "enable local network time" option.

    I am having a dbcache problem with some app (maybe Pocket Express? maybe Worldmate Pro?) so it's very sluggish. But it wakes up either first or second keypress on the red button.

    I've been in some pretty chilly environments recently, like Rock Springs WY and Liberal KS, and this "sleep" issue did not occur.
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    I'm glad I found this thread. I am on my second Verizon Treo 650 (replaced 1st because of dead speaker) since May 2005. This second one seems buggier and I have exactly the same problem as described here, but it happens randomly, no matter what temp, whether I'm running with 3rd party software or bare, and whether or not I have it in my pocket. The only remedy is pulling the battery out and reseating it. Further, it randomly crashes to the point that I get resets every time I turn on the phone part of the Treo. This week, I had to do another hard reset just to get the phone to work.

    At this point, I am likely going to request a third 650 from Verizon. However, I'm strongly considering going back to my Tungsten C (which I never sold in case of this) and a RAZR or E815. I love Palm but I'm so disappointed in this buggy phone.
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    Sometimes my Treo 650 sleeps for 30-60 seconds after pressing power on and it then suddenly awakes. I always thought that it was doing a DBcache cleanup and therefore would not respond. So I sometimes have a slow turn on. Do those Treos that reportedly freeze, sleep permanently? So also after 1 minute after pressing a power on? That I have not had so far.
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    next time mine does it I'm just goign to wait a few minutes, I just figure it had frozen up completely so I soft reset.
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    I, too, just got my Treo 650 off eBay and am facing the same "non-wakeable" problem. Palm Support emailed me with the "soft reset," the "hard reset" and the "zero reset." No joy on either.

    After reading this board, have unchecked the "Network Time" request to see what happens.

    For a phone this expensive, it's ashamed that they don't work correctly. We DO learn, don't we!!

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    Unchecking the network time does not help, at least for me. I had problems with this a while back, and hard reset, also due to frequent crashes. Well, I just noticed this like a day or two ago. The most recent third party apps I installed are X Weather and Butler. X Weather being the most recent, so I uninstalled it last night. Low and behold, froze again this morning.

    I guess I will hard reset AGAIN and see if I notice anything....This is rediculous though, and it seems to be a common problem. Sheesh, you think Palm would get these problems fixed. I love my Treo, but resets, freezing....can drive you crazy...enough said.
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    How about I got the phone and it immediately starting

    1) disconnecting during calls
    2) rebooting during calls
    3) rebooting while sitting in idle state on the desk (while connected to charger and not)
    3) locking up and requiring remove/replace of battery to come live (while connected to charger and not), due to no action on pressing of power button

    Note - this is on a BRAND NEW phone delivered from Verizon. I have had enough PDAs and mobile devices over the years that my policy is to never install apps or sync data for the first week (minimum). I use the device strictly as a phone for that period of time. This is not an issue with 3rd party apps, syncing tools or anything else. It's just buggy.

    Verizon had me do a soft reset. Same issues. P1 had me do a hard reset. Same issues. If anyone has ideas, I'd be interested. This device appears to kick my crackberry's a%* if I can get it stabilized. Verizon is sending a replacement phone for delivery tomorrow, so we'll see.....
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    I have network time off, and i have been placing a shirt around my phone while charging at night and it hasn't once locked up since, I think it just doesn't like the cold.
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    Here's a solution for cold Treos

    Bluetooth enabled jacket w/ built in speakers
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