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    I lost my cord to connect my Treo to my PC. Now I was wondering how or where should I put my mp3's on to a SD Card so that real player can play them off the SD Card? I tried to put them in RN_AUDIO Folder but it wouldnt play. What should I do or what Directory should I put it in the SD Card?
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    Create the folder "Audio" from the root of the SD card and install the files there.
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    The RN_Audio folder is for play lists.
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    Thanks a lot. I just tried it and it worked.
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    If you open realplayer on both the treo and your computer at the same (while the treo is connected to your computer) your computer's realplayer will automatically put them in the right place when you start to transfer to device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeProcter
    The RN_Audio folder is for play lists.
    Hi Mike!

    All my Real Player songs (purchased from Real Player) have been automatically been placed in the RN_AUDIO directory on my SD card. I am not sure what you mean the directory is for play lists (only?).

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Better yet, get Pocket-Tunes and do more with your Treo as a MP3 player. I'm a fan of it and the developer keeps upgrading the software with more features.

    It can even stream music over the internet, cool.

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    Yeah ditch Real Player it's garbage. Ptunes rules...

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