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    I need to do a fresh restart. But i dont want to loose my calender and my contacts. Is this possible?
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    The calendar, contacts, memos and tasks are stored in directories associated with your Hotsync ID on the PC when you hotsync. The other stuff is in the Backup forlder (associated with your ID).

    If you perform a hard reset, you lose ALL your info on the Treo. Then, on the first hotsync, it copies everything back if you choose the same hotsync ID as you had before.

    So, if you delete (or move) the contents of the Backup directory on the PC before the 1st hotsync (after a hard reset), you'll get back the calendar, contacts, memos and tasks and nothing else.

    Summary: Locate the directories (on the PC) associated with your hotsync ID. Empty the Backup directory. Do a hard reset. Hotsync and select your previous ID when prompted (on the PC).
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    I, being paranoid and a pack rat at heart, would only add one addition to aparsad's excellent advice:

    I would rename the backup folder to "backupold" rather than just empty it. A new, empty, folder will be created when you hotsync after that hard reset. In this way, you can go find "old" stuff, just in case, in that renamed folder.

    But that is just my obsessively cautious self.

    Cheers, Perry.

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