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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnSc View Post
    Heres my one and only repeat:

    This guy knows his stuff! He was & is my backup. If you contact him, you will get informed advice.
    Thanks, but the link sends me to a sign in page.
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    Ha! New info..! I found out that if I inserted the card while in Card Info, it would show me that a card was inserted. But as soon as I tried to format or rename it, it would unmount. So, I figured that I would get the digital capture and it says its a Lexar. Does Lexar make cards for SanDisk? If not, then its a fake! Can anyone verify that Lexar doesnt isnt contracted by SanDisk to make its SD cards? I have written down the Device ID if that may help? Let me know if you need it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Comatose View Post
    Needless to say, im royally pissed! I guess the saying goes - things that appear to good to be true usually are!!

    I bought a "Brand New 2G SanDisk Ultra II SD Card" off ebay.. managed to snag it at $112usd (+ $17 shipping)
    First bad signs were:
    - no retail packaging (tho this was as described)
    - the contacts showed wear

    Raising my suspicion, I ran out to buy an authentic retail card to do some comparisons. I've compiled my findings at:

    The seller has now made his feedback private to hide what i had left behind. Likely he'll resurface under a new account. Buyers beware~

    PS, the seller did offer a full refund, but that doesn't make the wrong doings right!
    Went to your website and I think I have a fake or an altered SanDisk Ultra II 4GB card. Does the "SD01G" interpret the size of the card? Mine says exactly that, but it is supposed to be a 4gb! And when I mount the card, it reads '3.869.3mb free of 3869.4mb' and it also has 'Lexar' instead of 'SanDisk' (under SD01G & and above Secure Digital Card). What do you think?
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    Shoot! I am just sending it back altogether and getting a Transcend from My 1gb Lexar and 2gb SanDisk work reliably. Maybe this one was a fake, maybe it doesnt like the Palm OS...but I am going to go with the crowd and get the reliable one!
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